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Thursday, September 2, 2010


It's Free!

Engage, inform, and educate your students with TweenTribune. TweenTribune lets students interact with the news, while fulfilling requirements for language arts, computer skills, and other classes. Kids love it – and so do their teachers. Find out what they’re saying here.

Here’s how TweenTribune works. Each weekday, we scour the Web for age-appropriate news stories that will interest tweens (generally defined as kids aged 8 to 14), and invite them to comment. All comments are moderated before publishing, so it’s Web-safe. (Find out more about TweenTribune’s safety features, below.)

Stay safe. TweenTribune is in full compliance with COPPA - the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act – as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission. This means that:

Students may not use their last names.
Students may not use their email address anywhere on the site.
TweenTribune does not gather or store student email addresses.
Teachers can moderate students' comments before they’re published.
TweenTribune only uses news stories from reputable news organizations, such as the Associated Press, and local newspapers and TV stations.
Teachers' identities are independently verified before they are granted administrative privileges.Here's how you can join and use TweenTribune.

Please sign up your classroom today by clicking this link!

Julie Carr

P.S I did not get paid for this post!

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